Checkout Order Review Product Image – Free

Checkout Order Review Product Image – Free

This Free extension to user can see the product images on order review section of magento checkout.

Rating: (5/5)

Popularity Score: 205+

This Free extension Using user see the images for going to buy right product, before place his order.

This one also provides interface so that user will be sure about what item he is going to purchase and thus gives great shopping experience to the end user and result is increase in sales.

Installation and usage

Extension installation time add layout and template add in your default theme directory.

So you can use this extension and not display Checkout Product’s image on review Section.

Following this Step:

  1. Extension setting select enable then save again.
  2. If you can’t use default theme. Cut extension layout and template file and Add in your theme directory.
  3. Remove your cache.


  • Check product images on the checkout process order review section.
  • Also support on One step checkout.
  • Fully compatible with custom themes.


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